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PT. Malvindo Harmoni Pratama

Best Products

3 in 1 low-profile mechanics work seat
heavy Duty

Automatic Lube - Groeneveld

Hybrid Solar & Wind Powered

Keto Pump Product

We are specialists in the design, manufacture and service of pumps, parts and associated products. We cover the most aggressive applications including mining, aggregate and industrial markets. You can trust our expertise, technology and support services to meet your total pump and rotating equipment requirements.

Dekomte Expansion Joint Technology

DEKOMTE offer innovative and quality expansion joint solutions to bring reliability of operation in the applications they are installed, whilst creating better technologies that benefit both the customer and the environment. Typical applications are industrial incinerators and annealing furnaces, power plants, steel plants, petrochemical installations, pyrolysis and precipitators, HVAC, food industry and also the fire-proofing of wall penetrations.


Zerust Excor Products

  • We are dedicated to providing expert corrosion management to our customers.
  • Zerust now offers a broad range of industrial cleaners that minimize corrosion issue and lower operating costs.
  • Provides on-site support and point-to-point service in over 70 countries worldwide via a network of 21 joint venture partnerships.
  • Corrosion prevention systems can be evaluated under extreme simulated climatic conditions in one of our many worldwide regional Zerust technical support centers.


Durst has developed a family of gear drive products for use with hydraulic pumps and motors. These drives are available for mounting SAE standard hydraulic flanges and pump or motor shaft configurations directly to the gear drive unit. Models are available to mount directly to SAE flywheel housings, with or without clutches or can be driven through independent mounting arrangements.

Easylube Automatic Lubricator

Single-Point Automatic Lubricator
It is a maintenance-free, cost effective and for MQL formulation. It’s reliability and simplicity easy operated device especially designed of dispense setting has earned a reputation in the marketplace. It ensures bearings in good working condition regrdless of weather, operation requirement and harsh encironment

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